Hosted at the all famous Ace Cafe in London.

Invitation to our members/followers to come down and enjoy a summer evening down at Ace Cafe – We only have 50 Spaces on site.

We have 50 spaces inside the main Carpak which will be judged on by pictures to be allowed entry – only these will be accepted into the carpark.


Automotve Lifestyle


Please note – ) that Ace Cafe London will not tolerate dangerous or anti-social driving or riding, and that vehicles seen being driven or ridden, on the road in such a manner outside the cafe or its local environs will be reported to the authorities. We do not want meets having to be cancelled.

Please be aware not to bring any food or drink on to the premises (to include the car park!); our kitchen is open from 7am to 10pm (9.30pm on Sunday) daily to keep patrons fed and the bar is open until 11pm (10.30pm on Sunday) for drinks – the place only works with your support.

The Borough of Brent is a Controlled Drinking Zone (CDZ), thereby consuming alcohol in the street(s) is not permitted. Bringing your own alcohol to a licensed premises is also illegal (yes, some people think this is OK!).

The Antisocial Behaviour Crime & Policing Act 2014 directly affects Ace Cafe London. Wheelies, Stoppies, Drifting, Burnouts, Stunts and excessive noise at the cafe and on public roads are totally unacceptable to Police, neighbours and Ace Cafe London. The cafe can be closed by these actions. The cafe’s future is in your hands.

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