BMW Show
Sunday 23rd June 2024 at Santa Pod Raceway
with Saturday Night Special RWYB on 22nd June 2024

The BMW Car Show at Santa Pod Raceway welcomes all BMWs – race cars, show cars, modern, retros, classics, new Minis and BMW bikes.

BMWs have all the right elements to make great drag and drift cars. Powerful engines, rear-wheel drive and stable handling all add up to unbeatable straight-line and sideways fun. It’s no wonder so many BMW owners are hooked on Run What Ya Brung and Drift What Ya Brung events at Santa Pod Raceway. It’s for this reason that Santa Pod introduced an event exclusively for BMW owners, where the track is open only to Bavaria’s finest. Camping is available to all those that wish to stay for an extra day of fun at the Pod with RWYB on Saturday and music in Fuelers bar on Saturday night.

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