We’re back!

Due to popular demand Brunch & Cars at The Black Bull inn with Automotive Finesse and UK Car Events is back with another meet!

On the 25th June 2023 we are once again we are calling all car enthusiasts from all around to showcase their vehicles and enjoy a morning of hot drinks and great food prepared by the brilliant chefs at Black Bull Inn.

Our static meet is the perfect place for car enthusiasts to come together and appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of their beloved vehicles. Whether you’re an owner of a supercar, classic car, sports car, or a modified ride, we welcome you to join us.

Come join us for £3 per person under 16s free with grass parking, or pre-register your “show” car for display parking (concrete) and free entrance.

Pre-register or book here ->

Anyone can make a request to register their cars for display car parking however this zone is typically reserved for supercars, sports cars, restored/rare classics, highly modified vehicles or personally invited cars.

Find out more on our webpage and make sure to follow us, we’ll have more news coming!

Head Sponsor – Automotive Finesse

£3 per person under 16s go free or Pre-register your “show” car for free entry

Tickets and pre-register here ->

  Nice cars already confirmed

Free photos throughout the meet

Family friendly and safe for everyone

Join our great and respectful community

Tea, Coffee and drinks available in the Inn

Simple breakfast menu

Engines off keys out, no excess noise

zero tolerance for any anti-social behaviour

Police maybe there on the day and will act if needed

CCTV onsite

Respect the local community

Have your own club? contact us and join us! (Please don’t just turn up on the day and expect us to make space for you)

More information: Facebook Instagram

Ticket information

£3 per head

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