Presents Mid-Summer Meet

If you came to our last event you know it was huge let’s make this one bigger and better.

£2 entry per car to go to the below charity and change someone’s life and give them something we all take for granted.

Our charity of choice for the meet is….

Manchester based Speed Of Sight is the UK only driving charity offering dedicated driving experiences to those who are usually unable to drive due to sensory, physical or cognitive impairments, as they take the wheel and pedals and are in full control of the car for the first time in their life, or for the first time since they became unable to drive any longer. and as a result often has been regarded as life affirming can triggering a whole new world of opportunities. We work with children from age 5 to our oldest participants to date age 89.

Please see us in action gone in 90 seconds

Details of the event TBC but make sure you save the date as it should be big!

Normal rules apply, park up, keys out, enjoy each other’s cars, no skidding on the grass as the venue are thinking of stopping car meets due to the odd one that ruins it for everyone. This is a family friendly event so let’s all be well behaved and show people what the car scene is really about.

More information: Event website

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