The Pole Fair is a major community celebration, which takes place in the Old Village area of Corby every 20 years. The next Corby Pole Fair will take place on Friday 3rd June 2022 across the Old Village area of Corby. This unique tradition comes around every 20 years, with the last Pole Fair last taking place in May 2002 on the Charter Field in Corby Old Village, attracting crowds of 30,000 to enjoy outdoor attractions, entertainment and of course, the reading of the Royal Charter at the three entrances to the village.

There are numerous traditions that take place at every fair, including a dawn parade with a reading of the town’s charter, floral gateways to the old village area of Corby, and a greasy pole competition. At the celebration of the Pole Fair in Corby every person entering the village has to pay a small toll or be carried over the stang to face the stocks. Previous fairs have also included markets, performances, historical re-enactments and a large fun fair.

We will host a small vintage vehicle meet at West Glebe Park where a market and outdoor entertainment will be taking place. Places will be limited but you will be warmly welcomed to spend the day and enjoy the events. We are hoping that owners of pre-60s cars and service vehicles will join us. The meet will be from 9am – 6pm.

Contact Ann on 01536 267895 or with any queries.

More information: Event website Facebook

Ticket information

There is no charge for tickets to the meet and you are welcome to bring a picnic and your family. There will be some high profile events happening on the park and also a market. 

We cannot accommodate low-loaders and the access is residential, please be patient.

NB the ONLY access to the Old Village will be from the direction of the A6003 – Rockingham Road at the Rockingham Castle roundabout. Access is through KELVIN GROVE NN17 1FL

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