Hello All,

Time for another meet we think but on a Friday night!!!

Why a Friday I hear you scream to the heavens, well, it’s gunna be abit different, nothing too crazy that you can’t get your heads round it don’t worry.

So the car meet, thats completely normal.  You just bring your awesome motors and everyone can appreciate what you’ve got.

He’s where it gets abit different, We will be putting some free food on for you! Nothing too fancy, pizzas or burgers, something easy that even a car mechanic can do! 

And finally…

We are doing a charity fundraiser on the night too, nothing major you won’t need to take a loan out or anything, Rich and his daughter have made something special and would like to raise some money for the Prince of wales Hospice. Rich will do one of his videos to explain that bit better. Just think that if you donate abit to charity, it will cleanse your soul for spending all that money on car mods. 

Hope you all can make it!

More information: Event website