Glasgow Car Scene alongside Billy’s Elite Valet & Detailing Service are holding a charity event over two days.
Billy’s Elite Valet & Detailing service are offering an exterior detailing for £20 where £10 of this will be donated to charity.
This will be on a first come first serve basis but bare in mind the event is on for two days 8am-8pm
Depending on number on the day Billy’s Elite Valet & Detailing Services may be able to offer different service.
Glasgow Car Scene will also have key rings and vinyl sticker also Glasgow Car Scene plates where 50% of sales will also go to charity.
There will also be a bakery stall and again 50% will go to charity on all sales
The charity’s that we are donating the money to is……
Woman’s Aid
Mankind &
National Autistic Society
Proof off all money raised will be put up on to the pages when done.
Keep your eyes peeled for more things to be added 👀
Saturday 27th August 8am-8pm
Sunday 28th August 8am-8pm
Unit 5/1, Block 2, First Road, Blantyre, Glasgow, G72 0ND.

More information: Event website

Entry information

See our website for details.