JM-Racewars is a flagship drag racing event created by Jurgen Vallons from JM-Imports.


Our aim is to give the people a superb racing experience throughout the calendar year.


An event were you can test the limit of your car, both home and tuner built on the ½ mile, ¼ mile. All this in a controlled, safe environment.


Not only is this fun for racers & spectators alike, there are trophies to be won at each event.


Compete with your friends and rivals of similar marques or Drivetrain Categories.


4WD, 2WD, Hot Hatch & SUV categories all compete to be the fastest


Distance is now NOT an option to miss out and set your times, and show your friends and the world what your car can really do.


We look forward to seeing you at JM-Racewars.

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