We’re back!!! and bringing you a few car meets to tide us over until the end of the season 😎

NEW VENUE!!! Yes we have a new venue, the clumber Inn, ordsall (see event page for postcode if unsure where the venue is)…. We shall be using the overflow carpark at the venue (please see picture on event discussion) and there will be admin/ mods present on the day to help direct you to the correct area 😁.

Although it is exciting for us to have a new venue to use, there will be strict rules to be adhered to at our meets and anyone observed to be breaking these rules shall be asked to leave and not return to any future meets – we have the full backing of the landlord and management team at the clumber to enforce this.

That being said the rules shall be as follows:

– no antisocial driving at or around the venue, this venue is in a very populated area of ordsall so we don’t want to be annoying the locals with anti social driving

– keep the areas tidy and return glasses to the bar where possible

– the meets are strictly static so please keep movement to a minimum (as in only move when entering/ exiting the venue)

– please adhere to social distancing guidelines where possible and always follow the guidelines that have been set out by the pub in regards to using their facilities

If these rules are followed and adhered to while at our meets we promise that you will experience that laid back and chilled out lowlife meet that you all love 😁

Peace out

More information: Event website