Morning chaps and chapettes!
Performance and modified this Sunday and have I put a list of modified cars together for you!
So I thought I’d tell you all about the upcoming sunday well in advance so you can all get it in your calendar! I’ve had a rummage through my little black book for numbers and begged and pleaded with these guys to come over on Sunday! And what a turn out we are expecting!
So where to start….well we have 3 rs500s! The CALTEX RS500 recreation will be put on display next to the ORIGINAL DICK JOHNSON RS500 as raced in the Australian touring car championship. And alongside that we have an rs500 road car so you can all see what goes in to changing these into the awesome race machines!
Next up we have the cosworth powered 4×4 capri from the Jeremy Clarkson full throttle dvd. This was a regular at Elvington in the 90s setting rather swift quarter mile times. It was also featured in the full throttle dvd where it made a brabus Mercedes look rather silly! 😂
Weve also got a pretty well known red metro 6r4 replica of Ian Oddies arriving too. Now this car is all over the internet as its spotted pretty regular at various events….or supermarkets as its actually Ian’s every day driver! Circa 500bhp this is some machine! So once again itll be here for you all to see and appreciate the work which has gone in to this magnificent recreation!
So that’s a small teaser of what’s arriving this Sunday from 10am. Keep an eye on the page as we tell you more of what we have in store!

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