The hugely successful Dial In Day returns for 2024. Graduates from the previous events have gone on to achieve great things in the National Drag Racing championships in classes such as Sportsman ET, the VWDRC and beyond. There have been multiple event wins, number one qualifiers, perfect ET’s & reaction times and even a couple of championships won by those who started it all by attending the dial in day.

If you’re thinking about getting involved with drag racing, or just want a little insight into the world of participating, the dial in day will not disappoint. It’s a no obligation day that consists of classroom based sessions before track based mini events allowing you to experience full qualifying and eliminations. You absolutely do not need a race based vehicle; in fact we restrict the day to vehicles completing the ¼ mile in 12 seconds and slower (9.00 for bikes) to re-enforce the accessibility of drag racing as a sport. Only the RWYB rules apply so in most standard road cars, that means you need to bring nothing more than yourself, your car and your driving licence.

As a result of the introduction of the extremely popular ET Bike class in 2016, we welcome bikes to the dial in day! The classroom based sessions will be applicable for both riders & drivers and there will be a separate bike class on track.

See our website for more details.

More information: Event website