• – Ordering a ticket from this site will reserve you a parking space on the day. – This is a FREE process.
  • – Tickets are PER VEHICLE, not per person.
  • – On arrival, there will be a £1 (cash) entrance fee PER VEHICLE. This entrance fee DOES NOT apply to walk-ons.
  • – Paying the entrance fee automatically enters you into our raffle. A winning reg will be announced midday.
  • – You DO NOT need a ticket to come to the event – feel free to park off-site and walk on.
  • – This is a STATIC meet, so as the saying goes, “Don’t be a d*ck”. Seriously – we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy.
Welcome to Speed 6 at The Motor Spa: II
Sunday 17th October 2021, from 1000-1500.

What to expect:
  • – A chilled event getting to know like-minded car & car care enthusiasts.
  • – Guest appearances: Dale from Meguiar’s UK, Michael & Oli from Infinity Wax!
  • – Hot food and drinks (external vendor(s))
  • – Some fantastic deals from The Motor Spa shop (car care products & Speed 6 merch).
  • – Raffle draw at midday.
  • – Event photography/videography from Media By Adam.
  • – See the project Corsa!
  • – On-site toilets
  • – Limited on-site parking (tickets required)
  • – Hot food and drinks (external vendor(s))
  • – Air conditioning & heating inside the unit

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