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Sports Cars in the Park – Spring

Event Details

Sports cars in the park is a casual gathering of sports/super cars. It’s more of a social gathering of like minded car enthusiasts than a traditional car event. Cars range from TVR, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Renault, Lotus, Maserati, MX-5, Smart Roadsters, mini, hot hatch the list grows every time. It Brings together large and small car clubs as well as individuals. It doesn’t matter if its new, old, kit or modified. The variety always keeps the event interesting. There are no SCITP show and shines. Only ones run by the clubs. It’s Held in a very nice family friendly location with lots of other things to do when you tire of cars!

Commercial organisations contact [email protected] to arrange stands/advertisements. No advertising is allowed without approval and must be posted through SCITP.

Ticket & Entry Information

Please check https://www.sportscarsinthepark.co.uk/ for all ticket tiers and details

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