We are back, the gloves are off (well on actually, safety first!).

It’s time for the world elite to once again meet at RUNWAY TWOSIX and take their stage, the time and date are locked, the bikes loaded. The world’s finest and most experienced 1 wheel lunatics will battle machine, physics and the forces of nature to become crowned the king or queen of the 1 kilo wheelie at the home of world wheelies!

Reigning world champion Ted Brady holds the record firmly, one of the wheelie god legends aboard his Holeshot powered turbo Hayabusa, can anyone tickle the 220’s? Will we see not only a new wheelie god crowned this year but a record breaking speed? The bar is set, who has the skill and the ability to roll up to the line and peer through their cracked open visor down Runway TWOSIX, will the side winds plague the riders or will mother nature bless moments of calm as rider clicks in gear, opens the throttle, unleash the fury and muscle machine down the runway towards the 1 kilo marker past the spectators and into the record books, firmly setting their name into the wheelie god history books and documented for eternity…

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Ticket information

Weekend Entry – Wheelie & Top Speed £250.00

Spectator Info
Racing from 10.30/11am till 5pm each day, weather conditions permitting.
Spectator tickets are £10pp Under 16’s free
Camping & Spectator tickets – £30pp

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