“Street Weekend” is an all new competition for 2021 to find out who’s really king of the street. In a tip off to the coveted Hot Rod Drag Week in the USA, we’re looking at a similar format where drivers need to set and submit a time at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire before Driving around 200 miles to Melbourne Raceway in York to set a time on day 2 and then returning again and setting a time on the 3rd day. In summary, we’re looking at around 400 miles on the road across 3 days whilst also recording a time on track on each one of the days. Track conditions will be different on each day too with a RWYB at Santa Pod on day 1, an unprepped 1/8 mile challenge at York on day 2 and finally a Performance RWYB with fully prepped track at Santa Pod on day 3. We all know that street eliminator cars are probably the quickest street legal cars on track in the Country right now, but can they really handle that level on road miles? This is the competition to find out.


The winner will be determined by the lowest Total ET of the 3 days, Eg. A 10 second ET on day 1, 6 second ET on day 2 and 9 second ET on day 3 gives a total time of 25 seconds. Failure to make a pass on any given day will result in a penalty time of 30 seconds, and failure to complete the route and sign on at the track on any of the 3 days will result in disqualification. Checkpoints will be appointed along the way which you must visit to complete the allocated route.


Entries / Prize Fund


The entry fee for the event is £250 which includes sign on, on each of the 3 days and admission to each venue for 2 people (driver plus 1). Additional tickets can be purchased through the usual channels.


“The minimum prize fund will be £500 for the winner and £250 for the runner up, an increase on this is subject to entries.”


Entries available soon.




Racers can travel between tracks when they wish but must stop at checkpoints along the way. It may be that racers must take a photo of themselves and their car in front of a banner at each checkpoint for example.

Support vehicles are permitted but this must not include car trailers or any vehicle that can be used to transport the car (motorhomes, and other cars etc. are fine).

Racers are permitted to run on any tyres at each track.

The winner will be the racer with the lowest combined ET from all 3 days. Failure to run on any day will result in an ET of 30 seconds for that day.

If the track is open for less than 2 hours on each day due to rain, that day will be declared a rain off Unless every entry has made at least 1 run.

Racers must submit their time slip for each day to a given location no more than 30 minutes after the track closes at each track. This will allow us to provide leaderboard updates each day.

There are currently no planned classes, everyone is together in this. Only if we get a significant level of entries will we consider splitting the classes up.

More information: Event website

Ticket information

Tickets and more information will be coming soon. Thank you for your patience.