Hi guys, i have been in contact with Kyle’s mum as kyle love’s sports cars and other modified cars, we have been in contact to discuss and arrange a surprise get together for Kyle’s 9th birthday

we would like everybody to sing happy birthday to kyle!!!!

Kyle has been car mad for aslong as his family can remember!
Kyle is a kind, funny, clever kid however he has just recently been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, PDA and a further list of difficulties.
we know this current pandemic has been difficult for everybody but Kyle has severely struggled! his whole world was turned upside down!
they originally had a gaming bus planned for his party but due to social distancing this had to be cancelled. Kyle as you can imagine was devastated and struggles to understand the reasons why.
This started a plea for maybe 1 or 2 cars to maybe brighten his day up but the response has been immense! I truly cannot thank each and everyone of you for making Kyle’s birthday one he will always remember!

please can we all get together on this occasion and give kyle a birthday to remember, if you can make the event that would be greatly appreciated ❤️

if you have any friends with sports cars or even modified cars etc to make his day special then please invite them along,

there are local facilities for food a few minutes away as the pub is not publicly open!!

please remember this event is FAMILY FRIENDLY so no wheelspinning, burnouts or any idiotic behavior, the location is monitered by CCTV so any idiots the footage will be given to the police!!!

many thanks and hope u all can show your face 🙂

Modified UK team

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