Due to the POSTPONEMENT of BOTH Takeovers in 2020 we have decided to announce next years date early so ticket holders can transfer the tickets to our May 2021 date.


​By announcing the dates this will allow you to arrange rolling over bookings with Ferry companies and accommodations.


​If you have emailed us please be patient and re-frame from persistent emails, we are working through the emails and will answer all.  We look forward to everyone supporting the event and rolling tickets over so we can continue in the future.  With overseas holidays looking difficult what better way to support UK business than taking a short trip with your pride and joy to enjoy our Island, its surroundings and join our little show.


​No tickets will go on-sale for any of the events until we know for sure the event can take place with a local council licence.



Ticket deadlines will ALL be extended, this includes being able to book with your car club and the final dates you can purchase a ticket for the shows.


Tickets for both events can roll over to our 2021 show.


Additional tickets will be on sale once we get the go ahead and not before.


New clubs will be able to register for Takeover 2021.



​To the 99% who have supported us with your kind words, messages and let us know you will be attending Takeover next year thank you,  doing this means the event will continue in to the future and not end due to COVID-19.  During this pandemic we have lost some big companies in the modified car scene and we are confident with your continued support our little show will be able to continue in 2021, so we THANK YOU without you guys there would be no show.




Not being able to attend events or even take your cars out for a drive really does make you realised how we all take so much for granted.


Please keep your family safe in this incredibly tough time and we look forward to seeing you in May 2021 fit and healthy.

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