Tesla cars have broad appeal. You might have chosen one because you like gadgets and technology, or because you want to reduce your carbon footprint. However these cars are all seriously quick, and for many owners they are a BIG performance upgrade. This driver activity day provides an opportunity to explore the full performance of your car in a safe and friendly environment. Start by enjoying our high speed bend where we have the space to allow you to push your limits and that of your car, with input from our instructor to improve the control and handling of your vehicle. For many it will turn the well known rules of driving on their head! Later enjoy the circuits around soft cones, improving your lap with each time around. Unlike the road or track days, on the activity days with only one car travelling at speed in an area at a time, you can concentrate on what you’re doing without worrying about everyone else’s actions. A great day to increase your driving ability and have fun.

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