The Classic Castle Run – Part of an Award-Winning Series of Drives! 

This is a guided drive and you will be tucked in the vortex of a beautiful Shark Blue GT4 or if the sun is out…a Python Green Targa GTS. At WWOW you will be guided by Wayne & Nick who know this area better than most!

Two days with a fabulous overnight offering you a fantastic way to boost the flagging UK economy, buying fuel and sandwiches following a motor version of the Pennine Way
Legends are made on this trip…Stories you will tell your Grandchildren are wildly crafted in the bar..

Day 1
Starting in Derby, the first part of the drive includes half of the Award Winning Derbyshire Donut and after scooping up a few more new friends from McLaren Leeds we will be top-down and thumbs up, cruising some of the UK’s finest routes through Yorkshire, Lancashire and finally Northumberland.
Many top roads are covered, including the one Jeremy Clarkson regards as the best in the UK… the 11 miles of B6255 past the Riblehead Viaduct over to Hawes… the one where Paddy McGuinness put his Lambikini into a ditch!
After a light lunch break in Hawes or Middleton, we push on and meet up with the North East Baron Nick Algar who will guide us further North into his manor!
All road surfaces will be disinfected and neatly prep’d by his numerous house staff so we zap through some seriously stunning countryside finally arriving at Langley Castle around 5.30/6pm depending on how many goes at Hartside Pass the quicker members of the group decide are required!

Langley Castle is our base for the night where we can drink, dance, make merry and run around naked… if indeed, that is your thing!?

Day 2
After a good night’s sleep & hearty breakfast, we meet NorthEast Baron Algar who will guide us South back to the Yorks/Lancs border using some of the best routes & a couple of new strips!
There will be time for coffee and a further stop for a quick lunch as required
Routes, meet points, and menus will all be taken care of, and weather forecasts for June 2023 range from -5C to a balmy 28C so with a bit of luck no Ark or snorkel will be required
MITEX radios, GSOH, and change for car parks are always a great idea.
Come along and enjoy life looking at sheep and the business end of a barking Flat 6 or V8
It’s just over 30 hours mid-week so no one is gonna’ notice you’re not in the office… 

Included – 3 Course Dinner Bed & Breakfast at Hotel – Single Occupancy
*Double Occupancy Also available
All routes, planning, and meeting points
WhatsApp Group and WWoW Sticker

Hope you can join us.

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Fabulous Dinner, B & B from £372 

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