It was going to take something special for us to top DOWNFORCE. Boys and girls we got you😈

Details will be dropped slowly as we get closer to the date. Any clubs wanting to be added to the list just drop us a message. If you’ve been before you know our meets are the shit😈

Supporting clubs: 

✖️ MIXXD Modified MK

✖️ Velocity UK

✖️ Evolution Car Club

✖️ iNflux UK

✖️ LeicestaFordGang

Clubs/Brands in attendance:


✖️Toxic Scene

✖️Elusive UK

✖️ Visual Movement UK

✖️ Diverse Modified UK

✖️ SKWOD Automotive Lifestyle 


✖️ Peterborough Minis

✖️ Static Status

✖️ Ghetto Gxng

✖️ Lincs Allsorts

✖️ Culture UK Meets

✖️ Hoonigan UK

✖️ Old Skool Cruisers

✖️ Stickney Hot Rods


✖️  Street Reapers UK

✖️ Street Scene Statics

✖️ NightLife UK

✖️ Fuelled Collective

✖️ Naughty Automotive

✖️ Lincs Low-Life

✖️ Modified Midlands

✖️ Headturners WM

✖️ Locally Hated


✖️ JC Photography

✖️ AR Car Photography

✖️ X21 Photography

✖️ Moose Photography

✖️ Blackmagic Media

✖️ Midshot Media


✖️ Hatchback Hooligans

More information: Event website