What it says on the tin.

Volvos ✔️🚗

Wings ✔️✈️

….and an awesome day out at one of the best museums in the UK!

it’s been nearly 20 years since I was last there… so I thought we should all go!!

us Veterans of the Volvo world do quite like our wings… it’ll be hard to beat our recent Concorde experience up in Scotland but we’ll try.

if we get a good take up we can gain group discount so you’ll have to let us know. 👍

All Volvoists welcome!!!

We’ll be meeting at the Silver Ball Cafe in Royston from 08:30 to 09:45 first to meet before rolling in.

Please look us up on Facebook as Volvo Veterans and join our growing community.

More information: Facebook Instagram

Ticket information

See iwm Duxford website for tickets in advance 

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