VW Breakout replaces Big Bang!

Whilst we all spent most of 2020 quite literally locked down, many VW lovers managed at least one weekend getaway to the Pod for the first ever VW Breakout event in September. Even though it was a socially distanced affair and we had to make some compromises to the event line-up, it was a clear sign that the VW community will come out of the other side of Covid-19 as strong as ever and an enjoyable weekend was had by all. In recent years, the Big Bang event has changed with the VW specific focus moving away from the track to pave the way for the coveted Doorslammers event, providing top class drag racing from a variety of door cars, all included within the VW event ticket price. Ironically those VW’s that did attend the Doorslammers were as entertaining as ever as they laid down the gauntlet in both the popular 4 cylinder and FWD race classes. Therefore, with a natural break due to Covid and consequential birth of VW Breakout, we’ve decided that the time is now for a fresh start with VW Breakout. You can expect a combination of highlights from both Big Bang and VW Breakout rolled into the new event whilst the Doorslammers continue to dominate and entertain on the dragstrip. Big Bang is dead. Long live VW Breakout!

More information: Event website

Ticket information

Tickets and more information will be coming soon. Thank you for your patience.