Wax & Away Static is a strictly static event for families, friends and like-minded car enthusiasts. Wax & Away Static is held in a fantastic location right in the heart of Manchester and is a great networking event to meet like-minded people. Please abide by our house rules as those caught breaking them will be ejected and banned from all future Wax & Away Static events. 

Although our location is great, we have to be mindful of the neighbouring flats, so please no revving of engines and popping of exhausts or you will be asked to leave along with your number plates passed over to the Police to avoid other attendees receiving the blame.

All cars in the show area must reverse park into the marked bays with engines switched OFF once parked. Please be aware there will be children and families attending the event so please drive responsibly!

We have an overflow car park on the right hand side of the entrance which should be used by those who are not showing their car or for when the main car park is full. Please seek our marshals in yellow Hi-Vis vests for assistance with parking.

We have been working very closely with Greater Manchester Police who will be attending the event. No anti-social behaviour or noise will be accepted.

We look forward to seeing you all on the day and please remember to DRIVE SAFE and have a good time!

More information: Event website

Ticket information

Entrance is £3 per car on the gate and £1 per person walking in, with free entry for all children under the age of 13. Contactless payment is available on the gate.