Willenhall Transport Show 2023 will take place on Sunday 25th June. We request that all vehicles register in advance on the form (Please see the website) to help plan the lay out and ensure we have adequate space for all vehicles and emergency access .

There is no charge to exhibit , but we ask that all vehicles arrive and are parked up by 10.30 am  and stay parked until 3pm to ensure the safety of the general public and also to maintain a show. You will allocated a parking space in the premier area.

If you are unable to stay the duration you will be parked at the back of the arena and escorted out of the park at an appropriate time and opportunity. You will be parked in the short stay area.

All vehicles of interest are welcome and by registering it will enable us to group you all  together. IE Trucks , cars, Bikes and scooters .

If you wish to bring a concession please use the form, noting we have to adhere to local authority regulations on food certification and lottery laws.

More information: Event website

Entry information

Please see the website for more information.